To Our Visitors: This is not your ordinary ecommerce website. The author of all the multimedia products- by biblical standards- is not permitted to “sell” or “give away”, “exchange”, “bestow”, “publicly proclaim” or otherwise disburse of  the secrets that have been revealed to her, as in actually be “owned” by anybody but herself. Therefore, she is making them accessible- for a somewhat limited time- to be viewed, studied at the convenience of any member. The access fee is symbolized by the “tribute” that king Ahasuerus exerted over all corners of the earth. Esther 10:1- And the king Ahasuerus [hard task master; contemporaneous ruler of the world by degree of wisdom-based power at any given point] laid a tribute upon the land [knowledge to be had, making one’s mind holy], and upon the isles of the sea [see the isles of Isaiah].

What People Say

This is above my paygrade.

Joe simplistic

This is too deep for me.

Everyday ‘church’ goer

Where ever does she get this s.h*t?

Other miscellaneous homeless guy during Odessa, TX Salvation Army bible study on Sundays before the service- in order to eat.