Hearty Greetings!

Ask Last Eve?

First, find a video to watch. Then start thinking things through…

Next, decide on ONE singular upward path toward the door to the sheepfold. This upward path is the only kind that does not criss-cross, or zick-zack. Finally, arise.


Be ye mere passers-by.

Jesus Of Nazareth

No more NO-wine or OLD-wine misconceptions and thus misrepresentations of bible meaning, but bringing God’s plot to life with NEW-wine wisdom by “reading” between, above and beyond the lines of the bible’s otherwise dead texts.

Pick your video…

Jesus OVERCAME the world. He did NOT participate in its outrageous, ridiculous absurdity! (James 4:4) Why?

The world is God’s schoolhouse. One does not attend school to ‘save it’, ‘change it’, ‘get rich’, ‘measure’ self by ‘net-worth’, ‘make self a name’, ‘make history [HIS story, HIS (GOD’S) WILL]’, but to absolve it by passing all the tests.

The world is also God’s audition for rule keeping: 10 + 2 simple ones people disregard vs hundreds of thousands of complicated man-made ones people take seriously. It is like a movie-set. One does not live one’s real life in it. Pick your video:…

The question to ask is not, ‘do you believe in God,’ but, “WHO and/or WHAT is God?”, for not two worldlings have the same concept of Him/it. (John 4:22)


Many an individual, or group- e. g., CIA- have quoted, “ye shall know the truth, and it shall ‘set’ (make) you free.” It is taken out of context, for the “truth” Jesus speaks of is NOT just any phrasing some individual deems to be ‘the truth’, but is dependent on His, Jesus’, message and the correct understanding of it:

John 8:31, 32- Then said Jesus to those Jews [“Jew”: He who knows God- certainly NOT the Yiddish in Israel of the Synagogue of Satan] which believed on him,

If ye continue in my word,

[which most definitely nobody does, as they all literally await their death, as if He was never here,] then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Further, “set” you free refers to unchaining you as you are now, while “make” you free points to transfiguration of the slave to ignorance, loveless sex and money (slaves HAVE NO ‘rights’, ‘civil’, ‘human’, ‘women’s’ or any other) into a son of God, who commands power to call forth, fly, walk on water, having a natural sense of timing, etc pp, needing no technology, applause from the moronic populace, or ‘status’ as ‘rich’ and ‘privileged’ in the magnificent face of God almighty.


Thomas Logion (27) “If you do not fast as regards the world, you will not find the kingdom. If you do not observe the Sabbath as a Sabbath, you will not see the father.” (Jesus rang in the eternal Sabbath. It means that as long as hewn man does everything the bible instructs- within himself- and that lies in his own power, he can then shut down, be like a little child, and desist all worldly activities, except, perhaps, play and hobbies. After that, the father springs into action and accomplishes that which is desired, often 5 minutes before midnight.)