On The Godless

How the godless kill logic?

  • Running around, claiming daily to have ‘created’ xyz, yet not believing in A CREATOR? (Creation is finished. How so? If the entire concerted and absolutely timed universe had not been created simultaneously, with every iota in its impeccable position, it would have instantaneously collapsed. Hence, all that a human can do is generate and rearrange.
  • Not being able to ‘control’ their own dicks, yet wanting to ‘control’ the world?!
  • Taking UFOs and ‘extraterrestrials’ seriously, even though God only created “the heavens and the earth (realms of theory + practice),” and everything else for lights, signs, symbols and seasons, days and years. Of course, “Seek and you shall find,” applies to everything, but the hunt for these conspiratorial non-earthly things makes one a pupil, who, instead of listening to the teacher as per the curriculum, staying relevant and in context, looks out of the window and dreams up everything else, as a consequence failing the tests in higher thought that matter for graduation.
  • Ridden by superstition, when it is completely unnecessary: Mark 9:23- Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.
  • While there IS NO ‘power’ of causation in the physical realm, just like there IS NO such ‘power’ in a movie, computer game, or AI, for they are all not only merely symbolic of the real thing, but must also all be completed and finalized before being useful, or published- without bugs,) pills, potions, tinctures, serums and technology are claimed to ‘cure’ that which began in God’s MIND and CANNOT be ‘cured’ by any physical thing, which leads to the GREAT CRIME committed by pharmacological ‘science’: leading the worldly public away from the true healing power of the mind from the deficiencies self-inflicted by its inferior, its error-overloaded state.
  • Constantly moaning and groaning about ‘injustice’ this and ‘unfairness’ that, when God’s intentions are always for the most optimal outcome, regardless what anybody can actually see, while things are still ongoing.
  • Claiming the universe is x amount of billions of years old, a universe that obviously operates in more precision than Swiss clockwork ever since its beginning, yet a) constantly worrying about imprecisely routed asteroids hitting; b) actually supposing that humans, popping in for comparatively 1 nanosecond of their from-above animated duration, can ‘change’, ‘better’, or ‘save’ even minuscule parts of it.
  • Yearly celebrating the events of the errors of the non-existing ‘past’ (for there IS ONLY the here & now,) like the madmen that ‘live’ among the tombstones (Matthew 8:28, Matthew 23:29, Mark 5:1 to 20, Luke 8:27,) while declaring they do it ‘to not repeat them’, as they repeat them.
  • Desiring to exist in the other~ or nether worldly avatars of their imaginary craftiness, these gaming wannabees claim to be gods (yet not believing in a God) and royalty, all the while they lack the innate wherewithal for such high and mighty positions, which has them reduce their ‘powers’ to mere assortments of camouflage and weaponry for ongoing fantasies of killing frenzies to vanquish the lower rate masses. Realistically, they never have to be in charge of an actual court of people followers.
  • Pretending in every situation, like being one phony version in front of their family, especially their kids, another specific variety of themselves to colleagues, in particular to their bosses, neighbors; even actors no longer only pretend to ‘think’ by staring out of windows for part of movies, but now they mimic ‘crying’ entirely without tears, these days…
  • Focusing on death, yet claiming to ‘want immortality (which is the opposite of “eternal life”, for it omits the one necessary part: TRANSFIGURATION, but by cryonics’ ‘reviving the body later-on in its same condition of MIND-DEFICIENCY that causes death in the first place)’: the dead(-minded) Gentiles (dogs- symbolic diametrical opposites of LIVING God) do not ‘die’, for they REMAIN dead (Matthew 8:22- But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead. Luke 9:60- Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.)
  • As the living focus on life and are merely spending their “four hundred years as strangers”, as Hebrew scripture dictates (the godless purport the current hell-state of the world to be the ‘real thing’: Genesis 15:13, 14- And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. — The number four hundred is the twenty-second letter of the Hebrew alphabet whose symbol is the cross. The body (of FALSE beliefs) is the cross referred to as four hundred (day/hour of the woman), and as long as one wears it one is enslaved in a land that is not one’s own. But in the end one will be brought out with great substance! Then comes the moment when, as Man, one is selected, called and embraced, and told to stand upon one’s watch; for the sign has its own appointed time to ripen and to flower, and that time is thirty years (“GESTATION PERIOD” OF THE SONS)!
In order to attain a thing, it takes a decision, a decision maker and a decided outcome. (1) Since when does time ‘accomplish’ anything all by itself? (2) If the FIRST + ONLY Amoeba ‘decided’ to ‘become human’, there ought not be any ‘other’ Amoebas around. (3) Where did the FIRST + ONLY Amoeba in existence find algae, bacteria, other protozoans, and tiny particles of dead plant or animal matter for food during its 2-day lifespan? (4) MOST IMPORTANTLY: HOW DID AGNOSTIC DARWIN MISS THIS: IF NOT A-L-L ANIMALS, EACH OF WHICH BEING INNATELY PERFECTLY SUITED FOR ITS ENVIRONMENT, HAD BEEN SIMULTANEOUSLY CREATED (A) WITH THEIR E-N-T-I-R-E FOOD CHAIN IN PLACE, AS WELL AS (B) WITHIN SAID FLORA, N-O ANIMAL WOULD EXIST TODAY. E. G., T-R-E-E/B-L-O-S-S-O-M-S/B-E-E-S/F-R-U-I-T-S/S-E-E-D-S.
  • If one is for something, it means to the godless that one has to be ‘against its opposite‘ and actively ‘fight’ it on the ‘outside (of the OMNIpresent ONE God?)’. Just think! If you are a mathematician, you are naturally for precision and correct results, using the simplest possible formula to attain them- does this mean you must be ‘against’ error? Nope. You supersede the falsity in your formula with correctness, and learn in the process all the reasons why the former was false, hence using evil for good.
  • Constantly ‘Increasing Awareness’ of the UNWANTED- crime, sickness, death- with all their actions and writings (the media), unaware that that upon which one focuses (shines one’s spotlight) INCREASES.
  • Any member of the moronic, dead-minded populace coming up with ways to ‘SAVE’ the world, in movies, via ‘science’, whole, long TV series DEPICTING ORGAN TRANSPLANTS AND CRYONICS (when only a virginal state of mind matters,) without understanding a thing about bible allegory, and WITHOUT JESUS(!!?) –John 3:17- For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world THROUGH HIM might be saved.
  • The godless speak of an imaginary ‘system’ that is supposedly ‘broken’, when ANYTHING BROKEN is not a system! and the God that is the beginning and the head of everything does not preside over anything ‘broken’ either. Additionally, EVERYTHING happens AT THE RIGHT PLACE, and not only “at the right time”, but also within absolute timing and IN CONCERT!
  • The entire world has given in to the needs and demands of the deficient, the incontinent, the dim minded, the sick, the under-developed and the seekers of criminal short-cuts for the GETTING out of God’s magnificent backdrop- everything but the instructions via symbolism, for which all of it was intended. Unfortunately, it is not those that fearlessly strive for higher pastures who uplift all others, but those that dwell in fear, doubt, worry, their mind immersed in thought of poverty, envy, covetousness, complaints, criticism, cursing, badmouthing and other miscellaneous strife, who drag the rest of the already highly challenged populace farther and farther down.

Fact is, unless born again of the LIVING and life-giving spirit [physical birth is (1st) death to spirit– symbolized by the cutting of the umbilical cord, the expulsion of the nourishing placenta and the location of the genitals next to defecation,] humanity are dead-minded toddlers, playing in their rooms with hi-tech toys (calling the increase of body weight, ‘growing up’) as their minds stagnate, and endlessly repeating the mistakes of their primogenitorial ancestral downline, while never affecting the status quo of their (heavenly) parents. How do we know? God is “A Spirit,” i. e., simultaneously being every possible version, variation and variety of Himself, without a visible body, hence to make one single man (His man_I_fest_ation) in His image, after His likeness, the man can also not remain in his current physical body, either.

Conspiracies? Simply to suggest that there is such a thing is a public display of ignorance (the inability to recognize bunk and, instead, its vicious unrelenting defense), for God- not God ‘AND’ His people- is the ONLY entity in existence, and He created, owns and operates all things in concert and within absolute timing. Deuteronomy 6:4- Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD: (Sh’ma; shema); He does not ‘conspire’ against Himself.

Balding Head

Hair loss ‘sexy’? Nope, due to lying.


Proof in granite that the earth was created in under 3 minutes, the half-life of Polonium.

Little Dynamos

All humans can do is generate from that which already exists.

Who “wired” the earth and below for infallible surround-sound?…

…a complex feat requiring a controlled environment, and perpetual functionality, maintenance, updating, in both, the sound as well as the physical organs in and under the earth that need to hear it, within perfect timing.


‘Evolution’ would require replication. But, all-knowing, magnificent God made every single iota of the entireuniverse UNIQUE (ONE of a kind), hence every snapshot is also unique, and each combination thereof.

Believing renders the believer equal to God. It is NOT ‘a higher power’ to which to relate, but “THE ONLY POWER”, for God, the spirit of Oneness, consists of all things, which He runs SIMULTANEOUSLY, an unimaginably large magnificent “database”, in concert and in absolute timing.